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SSL VPN Load Testing - Fortigate 200D

Hey folks - odd question here, but I'm hoping someone can share some experience or point me in the right direction. There's been a push in the last 72 hours to load test our Fortigate 200D SSL VPN because of (sigh) a chance we'll end up with a lot of users working from home due to "illness." I'm not trying to stir up any s**t or fuel a panic, here, but the upper echelons of my company want to know that we can handle a massive influx of SSL VPN connections. Currently I usually have about a dozen folks connected via the SSL VPN and only have 155 users with rights to use the service.

What are your experiences with heavy use of the SSL VPN on a 200D with a 1GB ISP? Stories? Insights? Any way to simulate the traffic?

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