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SSL VPN Authentication through FortiAuthenticator with Remote LDAP Users

Hi there,

i was able to create, connect, sync Remote LDAP, we have a realm on our FortiAuthenticator. We successfull authenticated users through debug/test page (https://fortiauthenticator/debug/radius/ )

We let the users sync as remote users.

FortiAuthenticator is not joined to AD!

Two factor authentication is enabled


When we switch to the fortigate, the radius setup seems to be correct, we can authenticate local fortiauthenticator users but not remote fortiauthenticator users.

Differences in log, the success logins are  

Successful login through debug page from Authenticator

Failed auth test through Fortigate radius config test page

And the message is "User authentication failed: user not found"


I dont get it why it claims "user not found", user auth is with <userid>@<realm> and without the realm.


Any ideas?


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