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SSL Deep Inspection create Internet issue for Smartphones.

Hello Everyone

I am using fortigate 60F Firewall and i have enables SSL Deep packet inspection i have installed certificate on almost all devices, however , Smartphone devices giving internet access as soon as I activate any security profile such antivirus, ips etc.

I even installed Certificate on mobile devices but still an issue.

Burhan Uddin
Burhan Uddin

1) Please confirm whether you have install the deep inspection certificate and its CA cert in the smart phones.....

I have only installed Fortinet_CA_SSL certificate on all my devices as shown in the picture below.


2) Are you facing issue with windows PC in the same subnet?...

No PC's are working fine no issue.


3) Also can you share the snapshot of the error you are getting in your smartphones. Is the issue for all smartphones or only few users....


All smartphone users facing the same issue 


SSL Certficate installedSSL Certficate installedPolicyPolicypolicy 2.jpg

Burhan Uddin
Burhan Uddin

Hello Burhan,


you can try to create a new DPI profile, not use the read only default one.

Important will be the pcap and the exact error from the client (screenshot of link, if possible and the error on screen). Could be different that what I expect (unknown CA) and depending on that better ideas can be phrased.


Best regards,




Hello Markus


I checked with Custom DPI and custom security profile, but still when the phone restart it say limited internet connectivity, some apps will not work properly, and I have google it other people also have the same issue.


I will try upgrading the firmware to 7.0.6 and then test it.

Burhan Uddin
Burhan Uddin
New Contributor

There are a few things that could be causing this issue. It could be that the certificate is not installed correctly on the smartphones or that the FortiGate is not configured correctly for SSL deep packet inspection. If you have not already, I would recommend checking Fortigate's SSL deep packet inspection documentation to see if there are any specific settings that need to be configured. If the problem persists, I would recommend installing Motorola bug2go, which will scan your smartphone to find any bugs. In this way, you can find the problem. You can read an article about it at Good luck!


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