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SSID BRIDGE with dynamic VLAN, no arp response

Creating a bridge SSID with dynamic VLAN assignment. So far so good.


Two wireless clients in that network. For the first period (some minutes) everything works ok, but then arp requests for the 2 devices are not answered.



-FG61E 6.4,

-FAP221E 6.4

- FGT and FAP are connected over hw-switch internal,

- FGT has VLAN interfaces on internal defined



brctl showmacs br.2020 - lists all 3 MACs and their interfaces

ping from FAP works in the first period

diag_sniffer br.2020 none - shows the arp requests from FAP or from FGT default gateway, but is not answered.



Pinging from one WLAN Client to the other WLAN Client also seems to be affected, but sometimes it works for them but it does not work from FAP or FGT, or it works for all again for a period of time.


Pinging IPv6 local-link addresses work without any issue?


Last: If all WLAN Clients are put back into the standard Bridge SSID, this behavior does not happen.


 Strange is also that I can see the device with the sta command, but it says it has been idle for x seconds, and the tx and rx counters are not updated. The arp request is not forwarded to that device, why?