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SQL Server connection not working via ZTNA Rule



I'm new and this is my first post.

I'm currently configuring ZTNA, but I have problems I'm not able to solve.


I want to connect to a SQL DB via TOAD GUI.

Therefore I changed the SQL instance port from dynamic to fixed (Port 6434).


Is there any other port next to may be 1433 and 1434 I need to enable in my ZTNA Server on the Fortigate?

Christoph Christian
Christoph Christian
New Contributor


To connect to a SQL DB via TOAD GUI using ZTNA:

  1. Open port 6434 (or the fixed port you've set) for your SQL instance on your ZTNA server's firewall.
  2. Check if any other ports are required based on encryption or specific SQL features.
  3. Configure ZTNA policies to allow traffic between TOAD and the SQL server.
  4. Ensure proper security and authentication measures align with ZTNA principles.
  5. Troubleshoot using logs if you encounter connectivity issues.

You can find more information on troubleshooting in the following link: Marketing Cloud Course


Thank you

Steve diaz

New Contributor III

Does ZTNA support Kerberos at all?

If not how is the SMB connection established then?



Christoph Christian
Christoph Christian
New Contributor

I think it does given SMB and RDP connections work, there's just something about connecting to a MS SQL Server using the FQDN and Windows Auth using SQL Server Management Studio or ODBC

ZTNA Proxy IP + Windows Auth = works
FQDN + Windows Auth = fails
ZTNA Proxy IP + SQL Auth = works
FQDN + SQL Auth = works

I thought maybe there might be a case-sensitive issue, with the FQDN, but I've ruled that out.


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