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SOC Monitor

I like to show a SOC dashboard on a TV in our IT room. Is there a way to create a user account or dashboard which can be shown for monitoring puposes? I have tried it with some different roles, but on all accounts the inactive time limit will kick in...

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From the admin guide - To prevent timeout, ensure Idle Timeout is greater than the widget's Refresh Interval.



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I would be concerned with the solution of setting the Idle Timeout that high, since it is a global setting. 


Sure, you can have a restricted user profile that only has access to view LogView/FortiView/SOC, but setting idle timeout to a high value, since it is a global setting, means that if an admin with full access steps away from their screen without locking it anyone walking by their office can do quite a bit of damage.


I haven't found a way to set profile specific timeouts, but this seems like a good reason to have them.


Don't suppose anybody has implemented remote FortiView using the JSON API?...



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tanr - you're right.


However, you don't need to do anything complicated to achieve this. For example, if you have the admin timeout set to 5 minutes, go the SOC Monitor and set one of the panels to refresh every 3 minutes. That way, as long the SOC page with the monitors is open, the panel will keep refreshing before the admin timeout kicks in.



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