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SNMP monitoring Fortigate 40FWIFI3G4G behind a residential Starlink Service - Australia

Hi Community, I am looking to propose a FortiGate 40FWIFI3G4G with Starlink Residential (Australia) as the only underlay service. Is it possible to be able to monitor the gate via SNMP for proactive alerting?


Hi Marky,


The Fortigate will receive a Public IP or Private IP?
Also, where is your SNMP server located?


Yes, you have to enable SNMP at interface level "Administrative Access" and configure the SNMP agent. Using SNMPv3 is the most secure (authentication + encryption) and recommended method:


SNMP traps can also be enabled to receive triggered events. You can also download the MIB files directly from this configuration page in FGT and use them in the SNMP manager.

- Emirjon
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you might have issues monitoring remote gateways and devices b/h those gateways due to Starlink's CGNAT implementations.  

For instance - I have a SL router in passthrough to my FGT.  FGT Wan IF gets a 100.x.x.x address but what the world sees as my IP is a totally different IP on a 246.x.x.x range via  


Also for what it's worth, directly connecting a v2 Starlink via the ethernet dongle, to the Fortigate has implications. For some reason speeds are cut almost in half or more vs having the dongle go through a switch first then on to the fortigate.  This is a known issue and not just with Fortinet - other vendor firewalls and routers are subject to this issue too.  Not sure what is the root cause.  

Not sure if the v3 Starlink with built in ethernet port will have the same issues - if anyone knows - please do tell !!


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