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SNMP doesn't work

Hi folks, I have a little problem with SNMP on FortiMail. I have successfully configured it on FortiSandbox, but on FortiMail it doesn't work. Always when I use snmpwalk

snmpwalk -v 2c -c public fortimail_IP

I get error message about no response and timeout. I have set it in same way as on sandbox, I have enabled SNMP on interface, I have enabled SNMP in configuration, I am using default community public which is also allowed. There is no problem with firewall, because in Traffic Capture I can see that my request has came to fortimail, there is also response, but it sends several time same packets, which actually will not come to server which sent the request. Fortimail sents with value fortimail, then there is packet with get-next-request from my server to fortimail with OID, and fortimail sends again with value fortimail. This is repeating few times, and then my server throws error message with timeout. I also tried SNMP v3, but there is same problem.

Could someone help me how to troubleshoot this problem? I have no idea. Thank you.


I just tested on the latest build and it works fine. 

  • Client and FML and in same subnet.
  • Enable SNMP on the interface.
  • Enable SNMP under System > Config >SNMP
  • snmpwalk -v 2c -c public <FML_IP>[/ul]

    Sounds like you are past this point though and are having issues receiving the reply.  This line is the one that I would guess it the issue.


    >there is also response, but it sends several time same packets, which actually

    >will not come to server which sent the request.


    FortiMail will always respond to the IP that is making the request. 

  • If the request is made to FML from a different IP than expected and we are responding to the same address you probably have an external NAT issue.  Debug on the FW.
  • If the requests comes from the expected IP and FML responds on a different one, that shouldn't be possible, send us the traffic dumps to check.[/ul]

    Either way, some more detail such as version, interface config, traffic dumps and network layout might help get to the bottom of this.






  • Dr. Carl Windsor Field Chief Technology Officer Fortinet

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    I have pretty much the same issue here :


    Running FortiMail 7.2.4

    SNMP enabled on (mgmt) interface port4

    Routing OK

    SNMP server on different subnet (no NAT - routing OK)

    SNMP configured in configuration -> SNMP (using custom community in SNMP v2c)

    Allowed subnet in which SNMP server resides in Comunity Hosts

    Enabled Query v2c port 161


    Result is timeout


    Traffic capture on FML shows SNMP requests but no response from the FML.


    Any idea ?





    Can you try from a host on the same subnet as FML port 4.

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