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SNMP configuration for Zabbix Firewall F50E


I'm trying to configure snmp on my firewall f50e so I can monitor it with Zabbix.
But i'm getting timeout.

I tried to use snmpwalk to see if it works

snmpwalk -v 3 -a sha256 -A (authentication pass) -x des -X (Privacy pass) -u (username assigned in firewall configuration)  (Firewall ip)

I'm getting timeout too ,
I have no idea why it doesnt work ...
thank you


Hello eliasd,

In case you have a standalone firewall with no VDOMs, you can double-check if you have:
1) enabled SNMP on FGT interface:
2) set up SNMPv3 agent:
3) in case all your firewall admin accounts are restricted to a specific IP/subnet, make sure that SNMP manager IP is included:


If the above is checked and all seems correct you should be able to run a packet capture if the packet from the SNMP manager at least arrived at the firewall (diag sniffer packet any 'host <SNMP manager IP> and port 161' 4 0 l).

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