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SNMP Trap for Firmware Update

Hi Community,


do you know any possibility to monitor if there is an Update available on a Fortigate Device?


I already check the Firmware Versions of my devices in Icinga2 via SNMP but my plan is to check if there is any Update available for these. Is there any Flag that i can trigger via SNMP? Is there maybe a way to download the latest releases as a string so I can write them to a Text File and compare them with the actual Versions on the Devices?




Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, there is no trap or even oid for possible firmware upgrades.


Hi, is there any other way to Monitor if my Firmware Version needs to be updated using Icinga or Nagios Checks?


to know if there is an upgrade available, there should be an SNMP value that returns this value (so you can see it in monitoring tools). But no, that does not exist. You can probably get only the current firmware version via SNMP

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