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SNMP OID for transciever DDM/DOM features (namely RX dBm)

The MIBs for FortiOS core, Fortigate, and Fortiswitch (where I really care) seem to lack any OIDs for transceiver diagnostic data. Namely RX strength. We do this sort of monitoring with all our non-Forti networks, typically with LibreNMS. I checked the OID mappings that Aruba/Cisco/Mikrotik tend to use, found no similar spot in an SNMPWALK of a fs-1048e, fs-148f, fs-108f, or FG-201F.


Obviously the switches have the data, as the below command would show.


 get switch modules status port49
temperature      40.539062 C
voltage          3.300300 volts
alarm_flags      0x0040
warning_flags    0x0040
laser_bias       35.442001 mAmps
tx_power         -2.726214 dBm
rx_power         -18.124792 dBm
options          0x000F ( TX_DISABLE TX_FAULT RX_LOSS TX_POWER_LEVEL1 )
options_status   0x0008 ( TX_POWER_LEVEL1 )

 Anybody know if it's possible to poll the transceivers for health metrics via SNMP? 


This is a fair request but it seems like this OID doesn't exist yet. I would suggest to contact your local Fortinet representative to file a NFR (new feature request) since this would be very helpful to keep an eye on monitoring the fibers health.

For the moment there is support through API for FSW transceivers managed by FGT that you can try if your monitoring system supports API:
GET /switch-controller/managed-switch/tx-rx



mkey * Filter: FortiSwitch ID.
port * Name of the port.





- Emirjon
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I was looking for DOM/DMI information in SNMP as well. IMHO it's quite bizarre this isn't implemented

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