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SMTP Problem via automation stitches

Hey, I have a problem with sending mails via automation stitches. 


As example:

I want to have a mail alert, if a admin logins into the admin gui. 

I have two options to configure that:

  • under Log & Report -> Email Alert Settings (which works fine) and
  • under Security Fabric -> Automation (which doesnt work)[/ol]

    Because I maybe want to do more with the automation stitches, I want to send mails via automation stitches. 

    If I use the built in smtp server from fortinet, I can send mails via my automation stitch. (but for known reasons, I dont want to use the smtp server from fortinet.)

    In the event log I get the following error: Failed to send alert email from to

    But I see nothing in the log from smtp server. 


    my setup: 

    fortigate 300e

    fortiOS 6.2.3


    It seems like a bug, because I know, that my smtp settings are working. 

    Do you have any ideas, what could be the problem or where I get more information?


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    New Contributor III

    You may have to specify the "from address" via the CLI


    config system automation-action

    edit "Default Email"

    set email-from ""

    Rino Broer
    Rino Broer
    New Contributor II

    this resolved my issue,

    many thanks


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