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SDWAN ADVPN Hub and spokes all dynamic IP from ISP

Scenario is we have 3 spoke sites each with 2 ADSL and Hub having 4 ADSL links but all with Dynamic IPs. What's the best possible solution using FortiGuard DynDNS at Hub (dedicated VDOM) for all 4 internet links and configure Spokes to connect using DDNS url? any draw backs? FYI, we don't have FortiManager.


We would like to avoid generic dialup VPNs and use ADVPN, any suggestions highly appreciated.




Thank you for your question. If your HUB would use ddns and the spokes will connect on this DDNS fqdns to HUB, there should be no problem. When shortcut will be negotiated, HUB will provide public IPs of the spokes that they used to connect to HUB. So I don't really see any drawbacks as only difference would be that the spoke is connecting to fqdn instead of static IP.