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Hello people, I´m deploying SD-WAn feature a environment with 120 spokes ( FGT60D 6.0.9 version ) and a Hub ( FGT100F 6.2.4).

I have heard that isn´t the best pratical or no recommend anable SD-WAN on HUB device. 

some tip administrators is sd-wan only on spokers and no on hub.

So I wonder about that question, Can I anable SD-WAN feature on HUB ? In my environment  the most traffic is from spoker to hub but there are some traffic from Hub to Spoker.

Any tip about is welcome

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Hi maiconp340,

Interesting. I'm about to configure a hub with many spokes as well. I did not know that it wasn't a good practice to deploy SD-WAN in the hub. Can you let me know where you found this information? also, are you looking at configuring AD-VPN?


The following KB article has some good information.






Hello Aads Thank you,

Your doc explains about only ADVPN and Dialup VPN, no about SD-WAN.

But yes, I´m using DiaulVPN on my HUB.


look at the doc follow


It´s claim only SD-WAN on spokers and not o HUB I have ever heard from some frieds Networkers admin too.

So I should like know whether anybody already SD-WAN feature on HUB.




Do you have much spoke to spoke traffic, if it's very limited do you need advpn. Asking myself this question at the moment and I think the answer for me is no, apart from an odd phone call, no traffic between spokes.

Hello James, no. I don´t have any traffic betweeen spoker, only spoker to HUB and HUB to Spoker.

So, I don´t need ADVPN


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