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SD-WAN SLA probe packets and update static route

Researching SD-WAN for a new implementation and I am not sure I totally understand two aspects,  probe packets and update static route, see document below.


Firstly, anyone explain probe packets, or is this just enabling / disabling the ping the SLA will send.


Secondly, update static route, will the SLA and SD-WAN rule affect other SD WAN rules if the SLA fails. I have some services that must egress on a specific interface, I have SD-WAN rules listed above that are configured to manual and single interface for specific source / destination, I need following SD-WAN rules to not affect the manual policies. 


edit - 

Think I understand the "update static route", not going to use the option

Probe packets are for latency / jitter etc measurement, trying to work out the destination of the packets


Hello can confirm the update static route option of SLA Performance affects the general routing table and with it other SD-WAN rules if they need those same routes at least in a Fortigate in 6.0.6.

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