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SD WAN Issue

I am setting up a Fortigate 60F (FortiOS v6.0.9) with SD WAN for failover from a PPOE fiber connection (WAN1) to a DHCP 4g router (WAN2) but am running into an issue.


WAN1 and WAN2 work individually with my IPv4 policy when configured as the outgoing interface, but when I add WAN2 to the SD WAN and change the IPv4 policy outgoing interface to SD WAN my clients have no internet connection. I have WAN2 as the single interface in the SD WAN with a load balancing rule for 100% of the sessions as I don´t want to remove the WAN1 connection from my other policies until the SD WAN is working.


I have configured a performance SLA with a successful ping on the SD WAN.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Did You set up gateway for sd-wan member interfaces? There are zeroes in your pick. Not that much of experience on previous versions, running 6.4 ant sd-wan is much different there. Update yout fortigate before, it will get messed up after update as it introduces new concepts like sd-wan zones.

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I have updated the gateway for the SD-WAN interface members to the default gateway that was retrieved from the server when configuring the WAN2 interface ( The WAN2 interface is a Huawei B315 with a 4G sim. Is this correct?

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you need to route the traffic to the sdwan interface.