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SD-WAN Configuration Issue

Hello, tried the cookbook method to setup 2x WAN on SD-WAN in 5.6.5, can successfully get it to failover and not drop VoIP call however at a client site I haven't had luck.  They are using a 81E and I a 61-WiFi model.  Both have 5.6.5.  I think the problem lies with WAN1.  WAN1 is coming out of a fiber router with a public IP and when I set manual on WAN1 Interface I can set the IP say but don't define the Gateway.  WAN2 is Comcast Business Gateway and is set to DHCP so it gets the 10.1.10.x IP for the interface and Gateway which is standard for the Comcast devices.  When I define the Gateway in SD-WAN menu it then shows WAN1 is up but never before then.  Is there a way to define the WAN1 Gateway outside of SD-WAN menu?  Couldn't find CLI reference to this.  I think both SD-WAN Gateways (WAN1 and WAN2) need to be -- this worked fine for me.  I only have FortiCloud access to client's FortiGate so I don't want to break my connection.  Again, it works fine on my FortiGate but both of my WAN interfaces are set to DHCP and getting private IPs from Comcast Gateway and Fios Router.  The client had a Cisco RV with the Public IP/Subnet/Gateway set in the manual static IP settings and it worked fine there.


This conversation was happening exactly when you posted yours. Looked to be the same set up.


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