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Running all 'Forti' Update v2

We moved a location of ours to all Fortinet or as I call it the 'Forti-World'. We have a pair of gates running HA with switches running MC-LAG that feed our access switches, also in this is about 20 APs.

Overall things are running great. I've had the opportunity to upgrade from 7.0 with all the minor updates and just now an upgrade to 7.2.8 and things upgraded without any issues.

We have three other locations, much larger but having this site be our 'test bed' has proven to be quite useful. We are looking to upgrade our switch and wireless infrastructure at these sites, we plan on going 'Forti-World' the whole way.

To say it's perfect is a stretch, but no vendor is. Last time i checked Cisco, Juniper, HP, etc. all have TAC support. And there is a reason for that :).
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Do you manage Forti switches by chance with the FGT? I had this happen, and I just had to import the switch templates and reapply them for this to go away. Of course, it would depend on what the FMG is saying it is failing for.

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