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Routing to multiple LAN through IPSEC VPN client


I have a configuration problem on my fortigate. I have set up a configuration for remote access with forticlient with an IPSEC VPN. VPN clients communicate with LAN1 (192.168.0.X/24) without issue. But we have 4 other LANs (192.168.50.X/24 -192.168.100.X/24-192.168.200.X/24-192.168.25.X/24 ) connected to the Fortigate and accessible from our LAN1 (192.168.0.X/24) via the fortigate with routing rules. Can someone explain to me what needs to be configured so that VPN clients (192.168.20.X/24) can access other LANs? Any help would be welcome.


Actually exactly the same as the first LAN.
Create an appropriate firewall policy which allows traffic from the VPN to the other 4 LANs.

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Hello scan888, that's what I did, I added the LANs to my rule: VPN IPSEC>>LOCAL in the destinations. But without success.