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Routing from SSL VPN interface with NAT

So people want to work from home. There is a MPLS at location B which accepts only source ip,. Location B has a vlan interface with with 200 odd windows systems. Location A has Fortigate. Location A and Location B is connected thru a point to point terminated on the Core Switch with eigrp. So SSLVPN interface to Internal interface with NAT enabled. pointing to a ip pool overload to a single free ip The ip which needs access over the MPLS is Added necessary routes. Will this work?

It's just a simile routing question 1) if the source has a route to the destination, and 2) if the destination has a route back to the source.

In case NATed inbetween the source becomes the SNAT's outside IP. You just need to check through all hops if the routing table at that point has both routes.


Thanks for the reply. My concern is, is it alright for the switch which contains the vlan to learn one ip thru another interface.
Toshi_Esumi and (or longer than 24) are different routes (or prefix/prefix-length). Virtually any routers including FGT would handle them properly.

Only thing you can't do is to configure as another interface IP on the same FGT.


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