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Restrict HTTPS from one single IP

I have a FortiGate firewall and I want to restrict access to the public IP of that firewall. Only one WAN IP (home) can access it.

I know how to do it in in the trusted hosts. If I do that, everyone can access the WAN IP of the FG firewall. I don't want that. They should get a 404 error or this page can't be shown.


My question is: How to setup that only that single WAN IP (my home) can access the FG WAN. All others would not be able to see the login portal of the FG firewall when they go to the WAN IP of the FG.


On my Sophos XG firewall, this is possible. That is why I am asking this.


Everyone can access it because you have at least one admin user configured without trusthost. Trusthosts work with OR logic through all admin users. If only one IP should be allowed, all users need to have the same trusthost config with the IP, not "". Then it would work as you want.

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