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Resource Required to Reconfigure four Fortigate F100's



We are a consultancy in the UK. We've had a network client approach us who has inherited some Fortigate F100 units and would like their configurations simpified and rationalised. If any anyone is interested, please respond


Best Regards


David O'Connor
David O'Connor
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Hi David,

I'm in DK, so might not be the closest one, and maybe you need one with more experience, but...


It might be easier to get an idea, if you can get some details from them.

  • What FortiOS are they on?
  • Do they have FortiManager for central management, or are they stand-alone?
  • Do they use them to inter-connect sites(VPN tunnels), or are they 'simply' firewall for local sites?

Maybe if you provide some more details (without giving secerets away), it will be easier for someone to chime in and help.

Jakob Peterhänsel,
IT System Admin,
Arp-Hansen Hotrel Group A/S, Copenhagen, DK
Jakob Peterhänsel,IT System Admin,Arp-Hansen Hotrel Group A/S, Copenhagen, DK
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