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Resolving a public FQDN with a private IP over SSL VPN (FortiClient)

Hello members,

I am finally writing to this forum, since I was not able to find anything similar to this.

I have a FQDN for example "" for which a public DNS entry exists. But for clients I want to resolve this FQDN with a private IP. I am using the FortiGate as my DNS Server (recursive) and when I am inside my network this works perfectly fine. But when I am using the FortiClient to connect to my network over SSL VPN the FQDN still gets resolved with the public IP and not with the private one from the DNS Server on the FortiGate. I have split tunneling disabled so all traffic should go over the FortiGate and even if I set the IP of the FortiGate as my only DNS Server on the windows machine it still resolves the FQDN publicly. I was using FortiOS 7.4.0. 

I would really appreciate some hint on how I can make this work out or if there was a similar post in the past. Thank you :)


Hi @Svenkund ,


Could you please check and verify configuration accordingly below article.


Mayur Padma

Hi, @msanjaypadma
Thanks for the article. I will definitely try this out and report back.


Hi @Svenkund 


Thank you for posting your query.


Please check if Split DNS helps you in this case.



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Thank you @pgautam 
That is a great idea I haven't thought about this feature. I will try it out and report back to you!