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Remote desktop and SAP suddenly became very slow over SSL VPN

Dear All,


Hope you're doing well, since yesterday all my users are suffering from connectivity lost for SAP and RDP connection over SSL VPN and when i checked i can see that the ping is very stable but when I try to remote desktop I get the connectivity loss issue.


I've tried disabling and enabling DTLS with no luck

I Also Tried disabling fortiheartbeat in ssl root with no luck


My Fortigate is 200 with fortiOS version v5.6.2 build1486 (GA)


Any Idea ?


Ummmm - I haven't run 5.6.* in a few years on any of my clients, so I don't recall if this was/is a known problem or not at that level of firmware.


I can suggest that upgrading to the most current (at least on 5.6.*) won't hurt, at any rate.  The latest is 5.6.12.  As always, though, follow the upgrade path prescribed by Fortinet.



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Are you still having the issue, because i am.


i have recently updated to version 6.2.7 on a fortinet 80e but the issue still persisted, i noticed that if i disable the antvirus UTM feature the issue is no longer. My clients noted that it is worst in the mornings.  SAP sessions and RDP session gets drops. 



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