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Redundant IP routing over VPN

Hi guys, I am considering deploying the follow scenario for my company's redundant VM migration strategy:


  • 2 Fortigates between sites: Site A with subnet and Site B with subnet.
  • Site to Site VPN set up between 2 sites with proper policies set in place.
  • Example VM with the IP and gateway as
  • In the situation where I need to do a live migration of the VM from Site A to Site B, the VM won't have working network as the gateway is still set as and the VM does not know any routes to reach the original gateway at Site A.[/ul]

    Are there any work around to this issue? The only method I can think of is to provide 2 Network Adapters to this VM, where one Network Adapter has the IP of Site 1 and with Site A's Gateway and one Network Adapter of Site B's IP and Gateway. However, it is hard to scale and if there are many sites, we have to create lots of different Network Adapters.


    Are there any experts here that can give me some insight on this issue? Thank you!

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