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Recommend The Best Cybersecurity Certification

Hello all of you. Can anyone recommend me the best cybersecurity certifications that are widely recognized in the industry, along with information on their respective prerequisites, exam formats, and career benefits? plz suggest me.


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Hello @Bam1 ,


I think there is no best cyber security certificate thing. Because the best is related to your interest area.


Cybersecurity has a lot of different areas. Network Security, Information Security, OT Security, Offensive Security, etc.


You need to decide which path to follow. If you decide on one area, you can search related to this area for the best exams. I think this is the best way for your career.


Or you can enter the general security exam like a CISSP. The CISSP exam asks a lot of questions from different security areas (even physical security).

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If you have found a solution, please like and accept it to make it easily accessible to others.NSE 4-5-6-7 OT Sec - ENT FW
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One certification that's been getting a lot of buzz lately is the NIST Cyber Security Frameworks (CSF) Implementation Service. It's not just about passing an exam; it's about understanding and applying robust cybersecurity practices based on industry standards. Plus, having this certification under your belt can really open up doors in your career. I stumbled upon this link that offers more insights into it. Definitely worth checking out if you're serious about cybersecurity!


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