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Radius Chained Authentication with 3rd party MFA and Fortiauthenticator

Hi all,

my company want to migrate her authentication structure to Fortiauthenticator, but still need to use a 3rd party MFA solution ( HID ActivID radius and tokens)


How can I use the FAC as a new radius server (with AD structure) and retrieve only the OTP from the 3rd party MFA?


To configure the FAC as the username/password server(Radius connected to AD) is simple, but and I don't know how to retrieve the OTP from ActivID tokens.


Thank you for your suggestion




perfectly doable.

I guess you have FortiAuthenticator (FAC hereinafter) set with RADIUS Service, so defining which FortiGates (or simply whoever 3rd party talking RADIUS) is able to authenticate via this FAC.

That RADIUS Client is probably set to authenticate against some 'realm' which is probably your AD.

So user auth requests (RADIUS Access-Request) will come and will be processed against AD (via LDAP) by FAC.


So pay attention to 'REALM' (Authentication > Realms) and if it's LDAP type (your AD), then it has switch 'Chained token authentication with remote RADIUS server'!!


You have to have set both (LDAP for your AD, AND! RADIUS for your 2FA) in Authentication > Remote Auth. Servers .. and that RADIUS will then be useful in above mentioned chaining from LDAP realm to RADIUS 2FA.


Hope it's clear a bit.

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