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RSSO issue


I'm trying to get RSSO logging working with FSSO. The situation is the same as in this post, but I didn't get a reply to my post.

Somehow I don't know what to set correctly to get RSSO working.

Could someone please help me?


Hey Kubajs,

I must have missed your post in the original reply, or I would have gotten back to you, apologies :).

Can you clarify what exactly is not working for you? The setup should be fairly straightforward. Are you getting RADIUS Accounting?

-> if you enable logging level 'Debug' in Collector Agent (increase the log file size to at least 100MB!), generate some RADIUS Accounting, and then check the log file, you should see the RADIUS Accounting coming in, and some details on what Collector Agent is doing with it

-> if Collector Agent is NOT getting the RADIUS Accounting messages, then you would need to dive a bit into your environment to figure out why.


You mentioned in the original thread that you use an NPS, correct?

-> is the NPS hosted on the same server as Collector Agent?

-> if yes, perhaps there's an issue with port overlap? NPS and Collector Agent might both be trying to listen on port 1813, depending on what you've configured in your NPS?

-> perhaps changing to a non-standard port in Collector Agent settings could help?




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