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RDP Sessions Dropping

I have about 60 - 70 users who connect through a RD Gateway to RD Session Host servers in our datacenter.  The traffic passes thru and is scanned by our FG201E's which are set up in a HA cluster.  Two weeks ago I upgraded to FortiOS 6.2.2.  Shortly after that we started noticing that we have instances where 20 or so of our total users have their sessions disconnected from the Remote Desktop hosts.  This morning for example, out of 44 users that were signed in, 20 were disconnected.  All 20 of these user sessions were disconnected at virtually the same time (within 3 seconds).


I am not certain that any of this is directly related to my recent firewall firmware upgrade, but the timing of this issue seems very suspicious.  Has anyone experienced a similar issue?  Any ideas?




Heavy user of RDP here, but can't comment too much.  There's apparently an issue with RDP in 6.0.9 (that I haven't seen or tested) and that was mentioned in the recent thread on the 6.2.4 upgrade, but I don't think I saw a response from that person on whether they had moved to 6.2.4 and not had the issue.  We have stopped on 6.0.8 for the time being :)   

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Yeah we have had RDP disconnection issues on 6.0.9 when connecting via SSL-VPN. Got a custom firmware with this fixed by logged a ticket. But we got around the issue by using a RDP gateway like yourself. I'm assuming those clients are not using the SSL-VPN?

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