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RADIUS Client Import



I just imported a bunch of RADIUS clients into the FortiAuth, and now the Create New is Greyed out, and if I select am existing client to clone from, I'm getting the below. The system indicated to me the import was successful! 


404 Not Found

Server can't find the requested resource.


Please contact your administrator.


System Information

Host Namexxxxxxxxxx [link=https://syd2-vm-fauth01/system/hostname/?next=/dashboard/][Change][/link]Device FQDNxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[link=https://syd2-vm-fauth01/system/dnsname/?next=/dashboard/][Change][/link]Serial NumberxxxxxxxxxxxxxSystem TimeTue Aug 4 11:04:03 2020 [link=https://syd2-vm-fauth01/system/time/?next=/dashboard/][Change][/link]Firmware Versionv6.0.4, build0059 (GA) [link=https://syd2-vm-fauth01/system/firmware/upgrade/?next=/dashboard/][Upgrade][/link]System ConfigurationLast Backup: N/A [link=https://syd2-vm-fauth01/recovery/?next=/dashboard/][Backup/Restore][/link]Current AdministratorxxxxxxxxUptime105 day(s) 21 hour(s) 11 minute(s)Shutdown / Reboot[Reboot] [Shutdown]




every FortiAuthenticator do have a limited amount of configurable RADIUS clients, based on model size for HardWare units, or User license for VM units.

It might be due to your "a bunch of" being too big.

But from mentioned error when you try to edit those it might also be some database issue.

I would suggest to get in contact with Fortinet TAC and open technical ticket (via


Tomas Stribrny - NASDAQ:FTNT - Fortinet stuff - TAC L3 Escalations engineer