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Quit being cheep with RAM! Let end users upgrade RAM

It truly is a shame FortiNet does not allow us to upgrade the ram. It's simply DDR sticks. I can see them through the vent holes in my 300C. Why would they only put 2GB in the 300C and are so skimpy with ram. It's not like it would cost any more to have put 4GB in the thing and then it would not have ram issues!  Heck even CISCO lets end users upgrade the ram in their ASA's!! CISCO!!! Without loosing support.  If they think there is a RAM issue they will ask you to put the OEM ram back in but I have never had that happen to any of the units I had and I had upgraded them all to run ASA 9.x.   FortiNet, Please spend the extra $2 and put at least 4GB ram in your units, and let end users upgrade the RAM like CISCO does. There is no reason these units should be strangled with only 2gb or less of ram when many of them can be end user upgraded simply.   Thanks,  

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