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Questions for Log events of Fortigate device

Hi, guys,


An Event log details as below:



General Date 2021/02/25 Time 09:47:01 Virtual Domain root Log Description System performance statistics


Source User

Action Action perf-stats

Security Level

Event Message Performance statistics: average CPU: 0, memory: 23, concurrent sessions: 2977, setup-rate: 5

Other Log ID 0100040704 Type event Sub Type system Log event original timestamp 1614217621923154700 Timezone +0800 CPU 0 Memory 23 Total Sessions 2977 Disk 0 Bandwidth (Tx/Rx) 30962/30984 Setup Rate 5 Disk Log Rate 0 FortiAnalyzer Log Rate 0 Free Disk Storage (MB) 0 System Uptime (seconds) 14058977 WAN Interface Information (name, Tx/Rx bytes, Tx/Rx packets) N/A




My questions :



1.  What is this event log for ?

2.  What does the "setup-rate" from the item "Event Message" ?

3.  Can I change the "System Uptime" parameters, such as ( by minutes, by hour, instead of by seconds ) ?

3.  What does the "Bandwdith (Tx/Rx) mean ? or which interface is this "Bandwidth(Tx/Rx) for ?

4.  How to filter out such event/unwanted event ( by alert level, keywords...or any criterion )  ?



Many thanks for your advice and recommendation.



Benson LEI




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