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Question for network protection after connect a computer on the network

Hi Everyone,


i want to protect my network because actually, if you come into my office you can connect your personnal laptop and after you get an ip (i work with DHCP) you can go on the web. 


My question is : can i link my fortiguard 200D with the AD serveur and after, can i tell at the forti "lock" internet if the computer is not is the domain ....?


Do you understand ?



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Yes, you can!

you have to put devices (actually i never try with devices but i think it must be possible) or users in a Active Directory Group and then you create a group in the Fortigate, then create a policy with the group in source field.


Here with radius and wifi:


Here with the Single-Sign-On:


Hope it Helps!


Hi !


thank you for your answer .

 I will try this way but can i agree computers and not users ?