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Question about Fortigate FG60D...

Greetings, and hope You're all having a great day, now, i work in a small-medium company and we have a network of about 50 to 60 workstations and using an UNLICENSED and Unupgraded ( v5.2.5 right now) Fortigate FG60D as our main dhcp server, since we are currently without a valid license we can't use the web filter and other utilities but in about 4 months several departments are going to merge in a single office (including us) so we're going to have about 110 workstations and we need to redo the entire network, my problem is i don't know if our FG60G (with a valid license that we are going to buy) is going to be enough to control the traffic and handle the policies we are going to need like blocking youtube, facebook etc...

does anyone know if the FG60D can handle that amount of load?, we are talking about 110 workstations, some unifi ap's and about 3 network printers. vshare

Dear @warbkhelo ,


Please find below the datasheet for FGT 60D you can check there the values


Please find below details with regards to the end of support for the FGT-60D device and you can find the same details on under Product Life Cycle.

Product End of Order Date (EOO) Last Service Extension Date (LSED) End of Support Date (EOS)
FortiGate-60D 9/23/2018 9/23/2022 9/23/2023


We suggest you find a new FortiGate as this one next year will be out of Support.

Please find below another device datasheets to compare:



Best Regards,

Vasil Dralio


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