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Question about FortiAP


Does Fortinet access point - the FortiAP - only work with a fortigate device or can you plug it into any brand router or add to any existing wireless network. So for example if I had 3 Ruckus could I just add a FortiAP to that network to get more coverage? Someone told me that you have to have a fortigate or else it wont work. Is this true?

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Fortinet access points only work with fortinet contollers. Either a Fortigate, a FortiWLC or a FortiManager.

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FortiCloud is an option as well without having an additional hardware to manage FAPs. Below is only mentioning the old "C" models but I believe newer models should be covered as well. You at least need to have a support contract on your AP to have FortiCloud access. Not sure if any further cloud license is necessary to have advanced features. Somebody from FTNT should be able to clarify.