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Pushing replacement messages from Fortimanager

I plan to have 130 firewalls in my Fortimanager and I want to manage all my webfilter replacement messages in one spot. What I thought I was able to do, seems not to be behaving in the way I expected. On the " Policy & Objects" tab I have created " Policy Packages" that are specific to my locations and added the given firewall through the " Installation" tab. Now while on this screen at the bottom left I have a list of Objects and under the Advanced section there is a Replacement Message Group option. I can create custom messages there. But it' s not like what I can do directly on the Fortigate (HTML editing etc...)... I' m clearly doing this the wrong way. I haven' t been able to find good documentation on how to push out Replacement Messages to all the firewalls at once. Can someone help me? Thanks, -Jake
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Hi I' m not 100% sure and I never used it but if you like to overwrite for all FW' s the existing replacement messages and using specific ones for all FW' s you should be able to do this over the device provisioning which means like the default config for DNS etc. Have a look and if you do not see the related widget enable it. As I can remember there is under device provisioning a special widget for replacement message. This configuration can be used for all FW' s etc. PS: Device Provisioning you will find unter Device Manager on the left as seperate main Tab! hope this helps have fun Andrea
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Hi Andrea, Thank you for the help! I found where I can modify the replacement messages per firewall through the manager. While on the Device Manager tab, I right clicked on root in the left panel and selected Customize Device Tabs. From there I was able to select the the replacement messages. Now while I have a firewall selected and hit the Menu drop down, I can goto System and then Replacement message. Forgive me for my ignorance, I am new to Fortinet. You mentioned a Device Provisioning, which I didn' t see in the left panel options. Is there a " default" configuration where I can set DNS servers, replacement messages, tacac+, etc... that I can setup and then push to all firewalls? Thank you for your help. -Jake
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nvm, I found the provisioning section... Thank you for your help!!!

Provisioning section is a great way to manage these. If you need to do so on a specific device and you are running a later version of FortiManager 5.0.x (which you should), you can do so in the Device tab, under the dashboard using the " Menu" drill down. If you don' t see the option, you may have to turn it on. You can go to Menu -> Customize to turn it on for this particular FGT, or you can right click " Managed FortiGates -> Customize Device Tabs" to change it for all the FGT' s. Hope this helps. Cheers!
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