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Push objects from FortiManager to FortiGate



I'm new to FortiManager.

I'm setting up a new Fortimanager VM for a customer. The Manager VM is running OS 5.6

I've imported the FortiGate 200E to the Manager, and can successfully push policies from the manager to the FortiGate.


However I don't seem to be able to push any objects to the FortiGate. 

In the ADOM -> Policy & Objects -> Object Configuration, I've configures the LDAP server I want to push to the FortiGate.

But when I re-install Policy or configuration, the LDAP server settings don't show up on the FortiGate. It's still listed in the manager though.


I've been looking through the Fortimanager administration guide - Its all good about creating objects and stuff in the manager, but I can't seem to find where I push the configuration to the FortiGate


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In general, objects at the "Policy & Objects" levels will only be installed on the FortiGate if they are referenced by a policy in the policy package being installed.  Otherwise, FortiManager will delete them from the FortiGate. 


See Installing a Policy Package.

Chris Hall
Fortinet Technical Support

What if I were to install an 'address' object and applied it to a firewall rule, will the FMG then retrieve it automatically or erase it from the FG as well?

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