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Proxy Profiles with Flow Mode Firewall?

Hi there,


I would like to use a proxy profile (in my case "antispam") with a firewall set to flow mode.

In my case, I only need to apply the profile to a single rule (my mail relay), and as so would prefer to keep the firewall running flow mode.

Unfortunately, unlike "proxy mode", as far as I can see I'm not allowed to mix profiles, even when using CLI. I can configure the antispam profile but then can't add it to the policy.


My doubts are:

- Is there any way to force the Fortigate to accept my antispam profile within a policy? Any setting I missed?

- If not possible, what are my options? Can I use a Proxy Mode VDOM? How can I configure it so that my Flow mode frontends my mail server (running on the DMZ), and the proxy mode VDOM only inspects the emails?



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