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Problem with connection

Hello, can someone take advice, why I cannot ping router interface and therefore internet from Linux?

Traceroute from Linux is useless -> no information 

I have static default 0 route from FortiGate pointing to I have policy from port 3 to port 2. And I have central SNAT from port 3 to port 2, where I translate to outgoing interface - no hit count.

When I try to diagnose, I see only echo request and no echo reply. I dont know why. Any tip?

What is working is ping from Linux to fortigate: ping to -> ok ping to -> ok - policy take that traffic, I have some bytes ping to -> not ok - policy doesn't work, No more bytes ping to -> not ok

Also ping from Fortigate to internet is working

FortiGate ping to -> ok

Please help and bear with me. I am a new guy in Fortinet









Ping Fortigate to internet.jpg




Static route.jpg

Central SNAT.jpg


First diagnose with Policy.jpg

Second diagnose without policy.jpg

Third diagnose.jpg

Fourth diagnose.jpg

Fifth diagnose.jpg



The reason I've asked for the output system settings is that I saw this kind of behavior when user disable vdom (in your case you have only root vdom). Can you disable central-snat and do snat under firewall policy directly and test?

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I have tried this, unsuccessfully. Nothing has been changed. I have another lab and there everything works. I have there central SNAT configured and it works. I did debug there and I saw more output as in this lab. I tried to configure it exactly same way but it didn't help. I just don't understand how is possible to ping from linux to fortigate interface and then stop. Packet cannot go to But from Fortigate to or internet it is working. Do you have maybe another guess? SNAT is just fine.  


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