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Printer Auto discovery not working

I am using FG100. I have setup multiple vlans 

I have my printer on another subnet than my data 

I am not able to auto discover Printer on different network 

Although am able to add printer using IP address, printer works properly 

But auto discovery is not  happening 

I have setup Multicast policies, traffic from Printer to anther subnet and another subnet to printer is also allowed 

Can you please help me sort out this issue 


Hi @mkumar788 


Thank you for posting the query.

In order to make the auto-discovery feature work we need a multicast policy in both the direction. Along with this enable multicast forwarding.

If after this also it does not work then you can collect flow debug and sniffer on FGT to check the multicast packet flow.


Please collect the below captures on the firewall:
diagnose debug reset
diagnose debug console timestamp enabled
diagnose debug flow show fun en
diagnose debug flow filter clear
diagnose debug flow filter addr
diagnose debug flow trace start 100
diagnose debug enable

After taking captures, disable the logs by executing
diagnose debug disable

diagnose sniffer packet any "host" 4 0 a

To stop it press ctrl+c

After running above commands in two session simutaneously run the autodiscovery from a test PC


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