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Prevent AntiVirus from blocking a particular IP address on FortiGate 300D

I am by no means an expert, and honestly after the vendor did the initial configuration and setup, I have had only to do minor things within the system.  Coming from a Cisco background and CLI, this is still a touch foreign to me so I am hoping someone can help here before calling into support.


I have noticed in the log after hearing a couple of complaints from the vendor that automatic firmware and updates were not coming in.  At first I thought it was my iPrism content filtering doing it, but I whitelisted there.  Then after looking in the AV section of the log in FortiGate, I see where the multiple internal IPs were being blocked by the AV.  MUZAK is the name of the vendor, and handles our hospitality properties lobby music system.  They are utilizing FTP.  I am currently not using FortiGate's web content filtering, but I also cannot seem to find where I can possibly whitelist this one IP.  Any thoughts?  I'm sure its simple, and I am making it out to be harder than it probably is.

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