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PowerFMG: a PowerShell module for FortiManager

Hi, I have been working for several months on a PowerShell module that uses the FortiManager REST API. This module is available on psgallery(.com) : Actually, we support to connect to HTTPS or HTTP and use the following feature :

  •     Address (Get/Add/Copy/Set/Remove object type ipmask/subnet)[/ul]

    it is very easy to use (and install) Launch PowerShell command line and launch following command for install

    Install-Module PowerFMG
    for load the module
    Import-Module PowerFMG
    Connect to your FortiManager
    You get a prompt to ask credential (you need to enable JSON API this issue, look doc for more info) for example to get all address use
    You can get the list of command available via
    Get-Command -Module PowerFMG
     and for get help (and example about a command for example Add-FMGFirewallAddress)
    Get-Help Add-FMGFirewallAddress -Full
    More documentation, example is available on  and you can also report issue/enhance !

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