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Policy-based IPsec VPN on SD-WAN & RPC communcaitons issues

We are having 2 issues.

1st - Policy-based IPsec VPN on SD-wan interface with 2x ISP's - we cannot control the traffic routing across the other outbound WAN interfaces that VPN tunnel is build on. We have to use the policy based VPN tunnels since the other Side is Meraki MX firewalls.

It is inconsistently working.

100D with 6.2.11 no UTM

AWS FGT with 7.2.2


2nd - RPC communications for DC replication from on prem 100D to AWS VM FGT works for a little but then breaks. All tests with portqry.exe for RPC test successfully. UNC & SMB access work but getting (network error): 1722 (0x6ba): The RPC server is unavailable using repadmin /syncall /ADeP.
This is across 2 different AD domain forests that we are trying to consolidate and have a DC for each AD domain on both sides.  So domain A has AWS DC-A-1 and onprem DC-A-2 and Domain B AWS DC-B1  & onprem DC-B2

In our testing we swapped from MX 64 to AWS FGT (policy based VPN) to 100D (interface based VPN)

We have deleted the TCP DCERPC session helper and then later the UDP one with no affect.



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Seems 6.2.11 has a known bug that is fixed in 6.2.12
825445 SD-WAN local VPN traffic is not going out of the correct interface.


Will check on RPC issue after the update later tonight.

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upgraded to 6.2.12. still had issue.

created lan to WAN1 interface IPSEC policy above the lan to SDWAN IPSEC and tested better.

Still working issue


Did you ever get this figured out on SD-WAN. I might have the same issue.