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PaperCut DNS setup with FortiGate

Dear community,

Does anybody here uses PaperCut?

We have a FG-80F, recently segmented our network and use our FG as DHCP/DNS server for our wireless clients.

We want to implement the DNS settings requiered for PaperCut wireless printing since clients and server are in different vlans and subnets (



dnscmd /RecordAdd b._dns-sd._udp PTR
dnscmd /RecordAdd lb._dns-sd._udp PTR
dnscmd /RecordAdd pc-mobility-print-host A
dnscmd /RecordAdd pc-printer-discovery NS




However the instructions are only for Windows and I have trouble implementing those to the FG interface. 


E.g. when creating a PTR record the FG still wants an IP address. 


Thank you for any helpful hints.


The FortiGate local DNS database only supports creating the most usual type of PTR record - for reverse DNS resolution of IP to domain name. Domain to domain PTR records are permitted in general DNS, but the FortiGate configuration allows only IP->domain name to be configured, hostname->hostname are not permitted as PTR, only as a CNAME (not clear if the printers/clients would accept that?).

[ corrections always welcome ]
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