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Packet capture only see the first two packets

When I do a ping between two hosts on two sides of the firewall, I am only seeing the two packets in my packet capture. The rest ping works but don't show up in the packet capture anymore. It is ture for both the GUI based packet capture and the CLI based sniffer command. My guess is that the capture only works for the CPU forwarded packets. Once it is moved into the hardware engine, I won't see them anymore. Is that correct? If so, is there a way to work around this? Thanks

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Depending on the HW model and FortiOS version, likely the rest of packets is taken away from CPU by NPU off-loading. Use "set auto-asic-offload disable" at the policy those packets are coming through. Somehow even the model that doesn't have an NPU doesn't show packet in sniffing until you disable the offloading, which is quite strange.

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