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PROFINET support on Fortigate/Fortiswitch

Hi all,


Profinet is new to me and I've only found some slight reference to it on ruggedised Fortigate appliances.


Does anyone know if it's supported on the Fortigate 500e and Fortiswitch 1024D for example?

My concern is that Profinet uses Ethertype 0x8892 which is used by Fortigate for session synchronisation and whether this will have an impact.

Many thanks,


Hi @Splunk ,


I am not an expert in PROFINET but regarding the session syncronization those sessions are syncronised using a specific interface (HA or a further customised one, depending on FortiGate models). The link between two FortiGate in HA must be isolated from other traffic (direct cable or using dedicated switch/VLANs), so the PROFINET traffic running on different data interfaces should not disrupt the session sync running on HA or HA-dedicated-sync ports.
You may find some useful info on session sync below:


Best regards,

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