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Outbound Mail throttling with FortiMail?

Hi all,


i am in a situation where i need to throttle the outbound mail flow to upstream servers in order to prevent flooding.

Is this possible at all with FortiMail appliances? I didn't find anything useful in the documentations yet.


Use-case is:

The company sends every once in a while quite large amounts of (legitimate!) information mails to a lot of customers, including for example billing information.


Any idea how this can be accomplished with FortiMail?


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I have the same issue, is there any option o newer version that helps accomplish this???



You are both going to be pleased with the imminent 6.0 release then (ETA end of the month).  I will post the full features list in the next few days.

Dr. Carl Windsor Field Chief Technology Officer Fortinet


Limits per 30 minutes per client can be imposed with Connection Settings on Session Profile.


Limits per 30 minutes per sender address can be imposed with Sender Address Rate Control.


Though I don't understand why the use case requires throttling.



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