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Objects under VDOM>Firewall Objects>Address>Addresses not visible.

Hey Guys,

I have a specific issue with Fortinet 200B Firewall in which I can't view the objects under VDOM>Firewall Objects>Address>Addresses.


But I can view the Groups under VDOM>Firewall Objects>Address.


The firmware version is v5.0,build0252 (GA Patch 5).  I am using a read only user to give access to one of my team members.


I tried googling but didn't get a solution for the same. Please help



Rahul S Lal.

New Contributor

Did this ever get resolved?  I'm encountering the same issue on a Fortigate 80C running v5.0,build0292 (GA Patch 9)


The solution is to upgrade the firmware to 5.2 series. After the upgrade the issue is resolved.

Hurray :)

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