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OSPF Fast-Hello with Cisco 6509



we are trying to establish an OSPF session with a Cisco 6509 and OSPF Fast-Hello enabled. Sadly, this isn't working. Is anyone having success with Fast-Hello between Cisco and a FortiGate? Without Fast-Hello everything is working.






There is no reason that fast-hello doesn't work with Cisco 6509, but:

  • fast-hello is only available in FortiOS 5.2
  • The 'hello-multiplier' should be set between (4 and 10).[/ul]

    You can check that the fast-hello has been correctly applied to the interface using

    get router info ospf interface


    Timer intervals configured, Hello 0.250, Dead 1, Wait 1, Retransmit 5 <<<< for hello-multiplier = 4


    You can also troubleshoot the OSPF neighbor relationship using

    diag ip router ospf all enable

    diag ip router ospf level info

    diag debug enable


    and then

    diag debug disable

    diag ip router ospf level critical

    diag ip router ospf all disable


    Best regards,


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