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Not able to Install Policy Package & Device Settings

I need help resolving this issue. Please see the error log below:

Copy device global objects

validation error on firewall policy 5, by dynamic interface check

Vdom copy failed:
error 15 - used

Copy objects for VDOM root
"firewall ssl-ssh-profile", "certificate-inspection", id=3586, SKIP - (null)
"firewall SSL-ssh-profile", "deep-inspection", id=3595, SKIP - (null)
"endpoint-control FCTEMS", "1", id=4831, SKIP - (null)


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it is hard to say but looks like something is wrong with the interfaces in that policy.

Anyway your FMG did install the Policy Package & Device Settings. It just skipped the erroneous policy.


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@sw2090 thanks for your comment. I could not proceed with the installation of the Policy Package & Device Settings because of the error. So FMG did install the Policy Package & Device Settings. It still says "Never Installed".

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According to the error message it says something about a interface in rule id #5 that uses a dynamic interface object that maybe is not mapped/created for the device in question ?

Also, take a look at this to see what does "Never installled" means.


The issue was caused by Rule id #5. To resolve it, I re-imported the policy package and cloned a new policy that does not include rule #5. Thank you for your response.